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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trinidad & Tobago Services Marked by a Mighty Outpouring of Miracles by Pastor Benny Hinn

Crusades in Trinidad
The exotic island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela. During recent services, held April 13 and 14 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in the nation’s capital, Port of Spain, God moved mightily among the multitudes drawn from throughout the region.
Crowds estimated in excess of 20,000 people enthusiastically greeted Pastor Benny Hinn, and from that thrilling moment until the final “Amen,” the crowd sensed that this was a historic outpouring!

Praise, Worship, and Miracles Fill the Stadium
Colorful umbrellas, shielding people from the heat of the late afternoon sun, filled the massive Hasely Crawford sports grounds, originally called the National Stadium, but renamed in 2001 after the island nation’s Olympic gold medalist.
Each service moved into a time of glorious praise and worship. An ocean of uplifted hands filled the outdoor arena, making it a sanctuary of worship under the open skies with a backdrop of beautiful, picturesque hills and the azure waves of the Caribbean coast.
During the first service, the sun’s rays seemed to set the stage for the heartwarming moments as Pastor Benny shared how God had brought Suzanne and him back together.
From that message of restoration and recovery, an invitation was given to all who wanted to surrender their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. The masses streamed forward, crowding as close as they could to the stage area, filling every available space. Thousands of precious souls responded by praying to ask Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord!
Mighty Miracles
During each service, in addition to the greatest miracle—salvation—an outpouring of healing miracles flowed. Pastor Benny taught from a number of scriptures to illustrate how Jesus Christ came to redeem, forgive, and heal. His message challenged people to trust God for healing, and as faith grew, mighty miracles began to take place.
When he asked people who had been healed to come forward, multitudes came to share their testimonies, including these:
  • A woman, hurt in an automobile accident, had lived wracked in pain, but she was healed instantly!
  • A man came to the service with a pinched nerve in his neck, tingling radiating out from the injury, affecting his entire body. He shared how all the pain was gone and could bend over without contorting in pain!
  • Another woman was diagnosed recently with a pinched nerve. After the x-rays, the physician prescribed braces. “It got to the point that I couldn’t even close my hands,” she wept, “but God has touched me, and look! Even my hands are working!
  • A woman, her body filled with pain, was healed from a hernia. Suddenly the hernia and pain disappeared. “It felt like a pulling out,” she explained, “like something was drawing it out. And where the pain was, it’s gone!”
  • A man who had endured severe sinus problems for years struggled through tears to tell how he was suddenly able to breathe freely.
  • A lame woman came to the services, unable to walk unassisted. Suddenly her right knee was loosed miraculously, and she began moving around enthusiastically.
  • A woman who had been unable to hear for two years testified of hearing a pop, then instantly being able to hear. “I can hear you! I can hear you!” she repeated again and again!
  • A man who had suffered with heart problems for nearly two decades suddenly felt the stabbing pain in his left side vanish.
  • A woman told how she came to the service with heart problems. She said, “The pain suddenly left me! I could feel the power of God on me. It’s healed!”
  • A woman with scoliosis since infancy showed how she could stand straight, without pain.
  • As the procession continued, each person sharing how God had healed from illnesses and injuries, the stadium crowd broke out in resounding applause, celebrating each glorious miracle!

Because of the crush of each service’s crowd, many more testimonies of miracles—healing from diabetes, deafness, pain, sight problems, and more—throughout the audience did not even make it to the stage to testify of God’s healing touch. The anointing and power of the Holy Spirit for miracles was awesome. A great anointing was evident and the intensity of the service was unusual.
One especially dramatic moment came when Pastor Benny prayed for the choir, watching as all 150 fell right and left under God’s power, many crying and shaking as they fell!
The Outpouring Continues
Both services were remarkable and historic. In all, more than 2,500 came forward to ask Jesus Christ into their hearts.
"What an awesome time in Trinidad & Tobago,” Pastor Benny reported afterward. “There is such an openness throughout this region of the world today—so many people hungry for the Word of God. I believe the outpouring here is just the beginning, and only in eternity will we understand the total extent of what God has done here. I am so thankful for all my partners and ministry friends who give faithfully to make events like this possible, and I ask people all over the globe to pray that God will continue to move mightily in this island nation!"

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